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Her Story

A Way Of Life


                                                                                                      Welcome Mahogany Wear Family!

I'm Amanda, CEO of Mahogany Wear, LLC. Mahogany Wear ™ is an 100% Black Owned/Woman Owned Apparel Line and Lifestyle Brand that was birthed from a natural hair journey that started over 12 years ago. From that natural hair journey, a rediscovery of self was formed and so was a brand dedicated to empowering women and girls of color with a niche for those who choose to wear their hair in its natural state.

When I created Mahogany Wear ™ , I was intentional about creating a platform that promoted a positive self image for women, men and children of color. Our platform also focuses on encouraging self love, embracing positive BLACK culture as well as positive self expression.

What makes this brand unique is that we have an absolute genuine interest in empowering women and girls to be BOLD, CONFIDENT and PROUD to be their true selves and to rock their hair in its natural state. Our goal is to Encourage, Empower and Inspire by providing apparel that celebrates the textured diversity of Natural Hair and Positive Black Culture. 


Mahogany Wear™ is more than just apparel it’s an attitude and a way of LIFE!